Biroso Coffee

Biroso Coffee opened in Seoul, South Korea, in 2016. A roastery and specialty coffee shop, Biroso Coffee is on a mission to bring fun coffee experiences to a broad swath of people. Its proprietor Kim Lio says coffee saved him from the suffocating depths of stress when he was worn out by the hyper-competitive society. By retracing his steps to this day, we’ve set out to uncover the meaning of the true happiness Lio is trying to create through coffee. For casual coffee experiences The Gyeongui Line Forest Park is a respite in the urban center of the South Korean capital Seoul. Rich with greenery, this area is also known by locals as Yeontral Park, an ever-evolving place that was designed to encourage citizens to add their own touches to the streetscape. The discontinued railroad-turned urban oasis attracts men and women, young and old, living in the neighborhood. Biroso Coffee stands right by this park, with its red brick walls announcing its presence loud and clear. The glass-fronted entrance offers a peek inside the store. On the second floor, which has seating for customers, large windows provide a view of trees changing their appearance by the season. Open and spacious, this store echoes Lio’s wish to allow people of all stripes to enjoy coffee casually. “Quite a few cafes in South Korea ban children or pets,” Lio says. “At Biroso Coffee, on the other hand, we welcome customers with children just as much as others, and pets are allowed inside, too, as long as they are kept on a leash. We consider and respect the needs of customers in an effort to create an inclusive...

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