Celso Mayta


When I heard that we were going to visit a producer who is a regular winner in the international competitions and won second place in the Cup of Excellence 2005 and first place in the Presidential Coffee Cup Tournament last year, I imagined visiting a well-equipped farm and facilities like Agricafe. My expectation turned out to be wrong. Mr. Celso’s family welcomed us into the tin-covered warehouse-like building. Mr.Celso was sitting sleepily wearing a tired shirt while his wife was smiling and laughing as she carried her daughter in her arms. Chickens were running around inside the building and there was a simple kitchen in the back. It’s hard to believe this is the mill/residence of one of the top producers in the country. I don’t want to sound rude but I wonder where they have used the money that they got from the competitions so far. This is when we realized there is much more to learn from Bolivia than meeting the producers. We talked with Mr. Celso on the farm who said, “The longer I talk, the sleepier I get.” Mr. Celso states, “I was born in the northern part of La Paz. My father had a coffee plantation and we moved to Copacabana when I was ten years old. My siblings worked in Santa Cruz but I was the only one who stayed on the farm. I liked coffee very much. This farm is located at a high altitude and has good dark soil with sand in it. We also own several other farms.” “When I was a child, we used to plant Typica trees at 2-meter intervals but they are susceptible...


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