Ronald de Hommel

Coffee Quest Colombia

In the Netherlands, I often meet outstanding specialty coffee entrepreneurs who are similar in age to me. Many of these entrepreneurs like Lisanne from Cultivar and Nadine from Primavera Coffee work in the field of coffee production while engaging in roasting coffee with inspiring ideas. Their characters show that they are looking ahead to the future and that the purpose of their business is not internal (themselves) but external (others). We agree with their approach to work and want to walk with them in the future.  Friso from Coffee Quest is one of those people. I met him at their office in Amsterdam Roasters, a shared roastery in the Netherlands. We got to know each other as we stood around talking and borrowing test roasters from each other. Friso is an energetic and intelligent man, and I could sense his venturesome spirit in the speed and lightness that he uses in conducting his work. He was always open-minded with us as newcomers in the market and we learned a lot from him. Every time I visited his office or lab and listened to his stories, I would return home with a smile on my face. One day, we had the opportunity to cup some of their Colombian and Brazilian coffees. The quality of coffees was amazing and we wanted to introduce them to Japanese roasters, which led to the collaboration with Coffee Quest at that time. Coffee Quest is a coffee company conducting business having many different ideas, offices are located in the Netherlands, the United States, Brazil, and Colombia, and is involved in everything from investing in coffee origins to importing and exporting coffee....

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