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Taichung is known as a livable city thanks to its benign weather and many parks rich with greenery. Coffee Stopover runs 3 cafes in the Taiwanese city. Its name reflects a wish to create a space where people stop to recharge themselves for a fresh start as if during a stopover in between air travel. Stanley Zhang, a native of Taichung who founded Stopover in 2015, delved deep into the world of coffee after he was fascinated by latte art. He has also taught at a coffee academy for 4 years. How did he end up deciding to open his own shop? What is it that he wants to achieve through Stopover? We spoke to Stanley to find out. Shining light on uniqueness When you run multiple restaurants, the number one rule is consistency, or so it is believed. Be it menus, operations, exteriors or interiors, there has to be consistency between establishments to streamline overall management and promote a uniform brand value. But Stopover is an outlier in that regard. Even if you saw its three shops in a row, you wouldn’t realize they belong to the same brand. And that’s exactly Stanley’s intention. “I wanted to make sure that customers get different sensations when they visit different shops,” Stanley explains, “rather than cookie-cutter outlets selling the same products in the same method. Plus, it would be impossible to take what I have learned in all these years of working in the coffee industry and express it with a single shop.” Stopover’s emphasis on uniqueness spills over into the equipment it uses and the coffees it serves. Its first shop uses filter coffee and...

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