Ditta Artigianale Oltrarno

Ditta Artigianale was founded as a micro roastery in the Italian city of Florence in 2013. The company operates three cafes as well as online retail and wholesale. Co-founder Francesco Sanapo has three national barista championships under his belt. His scope of activity is ever-expanding, with his recent endeavors including a self-made documentary series that follows him as he tours coffee origin countries. But his underlying belief has remained the same all along. We’ve spoken to Francesco to find out the philosophy brewing within his company and its name Ditta Artigianale, or “a factory of artisans.” Reinventing the image of artisans If you have stereotypical ideas about artisans – quiet, hard to please and introverted –, then you’ll be surprised to meet Francesco, the man who founded “a factory of artisans,” Ditta Artigianale. A charming, friendly, and at times playful smooth talker, Francesco often appears, and sometimes even posts selfies, on his company’s social media. But that is only one aspect of who he is. “I want to be someone who embodies and promotes a new model of artisans that fits the current era. There are less and less artisans in the coffee industry, and they are losing the luster of their former glory. That’s why I want to revive the value of artisans once again.” At Ditta Artigianale, newly joined baristas are not allowed to touch espresso machines for at least six months. Under this rule, all new baristas go through a period of intensive training to accumulate skills, knowledge and experience needed to serve the best cup of coffee. Yet, Francesco focuses on so much more than just skills. Here at Ditta Artigianale,...

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