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Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands, is a hotbed of creativity. With its streets lined with modern buildings, this metropolis contrasts with the capital Amsterdam, where tradition remains alive and well. Giraffe Coffee Roasters has called this city home since 2013, running a roastery, coffee bar and coffee academy, in an effort to introduce people to the highest quality of coffees. Giraffe Coffee was co-founded by Maarten van der Jagt, 55, and Mark Jordaan, 34. Having a background in food journalism, Maarten has served as a judge for the World Barista Championship. We’ve spoken to Maarten, who entered the coffee industry in his mid-40’s, to find out what he pursues at Giraffe Coffee, with team members generations his junior. Craftsmanship at its best The giraffe, the icon of the roastery, is considered the gourmet of the savannas, for the animal picks only the most delicious acacia leaves. Meanwhile, when it comes to coffee, the higher the altitude of a farm is, the better its coffee will be. “Giraffe” in the roastery’s name is a mission statement to “find the gem of highest-quality coffee in a place nobody else can reach,” Maarten says. One thing that characterizes Giraffe Coffee is a weekly cupping session on Wednesday mornings. The roastery goes about this blind cupping with the intensity of “a small competition,” as Maarten puts it. On this occasion, the staff check the roasting of all coffee beans and update profiles every week. “The conditions of coffee are never static. A lot of variables from green and its shelf life to the changing climatic conditions in every season. Leave it in the roasting machine three...

Giraffe Coffee Roasters

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