With the concept of “From town roastery, to the world,” LEAVES COFFEE ROASTERS operates a coffee stand and a roastery in an area of Tokyo full of a working-class charm. A former professional boxer, its owner Yasuo Ishii has now come to focus all his energy on coffee, having managed seven restaurants along the way. We’ve spoken to Ishii, who looks to become a world roasting champion and build a brand that will last a century. I can’t live without a dream White tiles spotted with oil stains, shutters that give the feel of a retro mom-and-pop shop, brick outer walls — the simple design of this store, built on the former site of a fish store and a butcher’s shop, reflects Ishii’s aesthetics of minimalism. The most noticeable inside LEAVES COFFEE ROASTERS are its two roasters. Between the two, the 1950’s Probat U-15, sitting in the back of the store, has a particularly overwhelming presence. It’s this roaster, seemingly out of place in the 15-or-so square foot space, that symbolizes Ishii’s grand dreams. “As declared in our slogan ‘From town roastery, to the world,’ I want my place to be loved by locals while also attracting attention from around the world.  My goal is to create a brand that will last over a century. I’m trying to become a world roasting champion because I think it’s a necessary step toward building a strong foundation that will keep this ship afloat for more than a hundred years.” As the inaugural captain of LEAVES COFFEE, Ishii aims to set an example for the next generation. “I want to show the next generation that this business is...


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