LOT61 opened in Amsterdam in 2013 as a specialty coffee shop. We spoke with Chief Operating Officer Ray about the secret behind the company’s continued leadership in the industry since it was founded by two childhood friends, who were born in Sydney.  The pristine ocean started becoming polluted. A phrase of “Born in Sydney. Raised in Brooklyn. Roasting in Amsterdam.” can be found on the website. Such a phrase summarizes the history of the founder and the owner, Adam and Paul, who are childhood friends. The phrase is more than a slogan for the team members. “It doesn’t just describe the process of their journey. It represents that we are travelers, adventurers, and seekers. The coffee we serve is more than just coffee. It’s a lifestyle, a way of life, an escape, and it’s inseparable from comfort,” Ray states.  It triggered enthusiastic surfers and divers, Adam and Paul to enter the world of coffee when they saw plastics floating in the pristine waters of Australia. The coral reefs were dying.  They thought,“We can’t just go on like this. We need to create a positive impact on society through something we are good at.” The backbone of this is reflected in LOT61’s mission: “We’re on a mission to become a circular coffee brand in every aspect of our field.” Ray states, “From using reusable and easily recyclable products to reducing our carbon dioxide emission and to the use of transportation and electricity, we are always choosing the better method among our options. We are doing our best to ensure that our future generations will have access to natural resources such as materials, energy, and water when...

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