Manly Coffee, surrounded by many old houses, stands in a narrow alley in Hirao, Fukuoka in Japan. The proprietor, Noriko Sunaga, won the Coffee Ambassador’s Cup during her time working at Starbucks and went through training in Seattle. At the Roastmasters Championship, she participated as a member of the Kyushu team and won the judges’ division. She was also a key player in organizing the AeroPress Championship in Japan. We asked Noriko Sunaga, a pioneering female roaster and the “Mother of AeroPress,” about her coffee career, as well as her thoughts on coffee. *We will be referring to her from this point on as “Sunaga”. Background of Manly Coffee Ms. Sunaga grew up in a devout Christian family. “When I was a child, I often had the opportunity to get together with all my relatives. After we ate a meal together, my mother would serve us coffee in a cup and saucer. I was allowed to join the adults by adding a lot of milk to my coffee and the lively atmosphere and the aroma of coffee still lingers in my mind.”  Sunaga, who had entered a convent to become a Nun, became a junior college student and got a part-time job working in the kitchen at a café. At this time cafés were just starting to become popular. “The aroma and unique taste of coffee, as well as the music, service, interior design, and other aspects of café culture, really drew me in and made me want to open my own café. After that, I went on a working holiday in Australia, where I saw stylish cafes everywhere and people going to their favorite café...

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