Mesh Coffee

Mesh Coffee is a small roastery founded in 2015 and is located in the eastern part of Seoul where there had not been a cultural base for specialty coffee. We interviewed Mr. Hyunsop Kim and Mr. Kihoon Kim, the co-founders of Mesh Coffee, who left their jobs at a coffee fair trade company after tasting the coffee brewed by the founder of Coffee Libre Mr. Pil-hoon. After going through a preparation period, they launched Mesh Coffee.  To create a store where people would come to drink coffee There are no chairs inside Mesh Coffee. Outside the coffee shop, there is a row of handmade yellow chairs made out of plastic cases with wooden boards attached like those found in a casual izakaya, a Japanese-style bar. Not only these chairs but all the furniture in the store is handmade, not because they are particular about it, but because they simply don’t have the money. There is no sense of sadness there when they say this with a laugh. In fact, they are proud of it.  Mesh Coffee co-founder Hyunsop states, “We’ve had this shop since 2015. We have aimed to become the locals’ favorite. Our shop is located near a large park like Yoyogi Park(A large famous park in the middle of Shibuya area in Tokyo), so we get a lot of visitors from all walks of life- park goers, business people who work at nearby companies, restaurant owners, and so on.” Hyunsop states, “Generally speaking, cafes in South Korea are more places where people gather to communicate and are not to experience good drinks or good coffee. On the other hand, our store has no...

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