Located in the western Japanese city of Kadoma, Osaka, SUGIHARA COFFEE ROASTER is a brand tirelessly aiming to reach perfection in coffee culture. This independent coffee shop imports green coffee directly from producers and roasts them on-site. The brand also runs a cafe, SUGIHARA COFFEE, and an online store and offers wholesale services, too. Founder Daisuke Sugihara, a native of Osaka, felt uncomfortable eating in places where he thought the food was good but not the coffee. So he decided to master the art of coffee making himself. Upon completing seven years of training at HIRO COFFEE, he opened SUGIHARA COFFEE ROASTER in 2019. Sugihara, who, since then, has managed the store alongside his wife Kana, a pâtissier, has reasons to be keen on direct trade. What prompted Sugihara to look for means to solve the coffee trade problem and realize his dream? Changing future by ourselves Sugihara’s intent is clearly summarized on the shop’s webpage: “The real deliciousness of good coffee beans does not depend on someone’s misfortune.” “It’s thanks to coffee producers that we can casually drink tasty coffee every day. Nevertheless, as I toured coffee farms on my previous job, I realized that the people working there didn’t get reasonable profits out of their trade. They were left trapped in poverty. This might sound too good to be true, but I started thinking about ways to stop this pernicious cycle, asking myself how I could work in a less self-centered manner that, in turn, would make other people happier.” His direct import partnership with Rwandan producers is an example of this engagement. He has partnered with a doctor of agricultural sciences who...


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