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Coffee is played like jazz. Under this concept, The Beans on Fire operates a unique coffee business in Paris, France. Its core project is shared roasting, which they call collaborative roasting. 27 roasters are now using the company’s shared space to roast green coffee. The Beans on Fire is multi-faceted. It sells its own batches of roasted coffee to businesses and consumers; operates two coffee shops in Paris; and organizes seminars that teach practical roasting skills to those interested in the specialty coffee industry. Maria Hernandez, originally from Colombia, launched The Beans on Fire together with Andrés Hoyos Gomez. We’ve spoken to Maria to shed light on her outlook on life, which spills into her company’s credo. Making delicious coffee accessible The exterior of The Beans on Fire’s two coffee shops in Paris has distinctive features. The two outlets share the company logo, and upon a closer look, one will notice their doors and walls are in a similar shape. However, the colors of their outer walls are remarkably different. One is painted in greenish, chic black, and the other radiates bright red. The seemingly random choice actually reflects the clear intentions of Maria and Andres.  “The red represents the energy of fire, which is our essential element. The black and white symbolize the direct and transparent journey from the beans to the cup, simple to recognize and appreciate as in ‘black and white.’ And these two colors, black and white, can be integrated clearly with any other color. Although we use these three as our corporate colors, nothing else is decided. If we open a third shop, we are not sure what color it...

The Beans on Fire

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