Tsujimoto Coffee

Tsujimoto Coffee offers a wide variety of coffees from specialty coffees to decaffeinated and coffee drip bags to provide each customer a wonderful experience and ‘a wonderful time.’ Tsujimoto Coffee Co. (hereafter Tsujimoto Coffee) has dealt with Japanese tea as its main business since it was founded in 1899, and Tsujimoto Coffee has been selling coffee drip bags produced at their factory and sold online since 2005. The company opened its coffee store with a roasting facility in 2016. We interviewed Mr. Tomohisa Tsujimoto the director who started roasting its coffee in-house. What can coffee do for you? Tsujimoto states, “What Tsujimoto Coffee wants to deliver is not coffee as a commodity but rather deliver a wonderful experience and ‘a wonderful time’ that begins through coffee.” If you visit Tsujimoto Coffee’s website, you will know what it means.” Tsujimoto Coffee online sells not only coffee, but also gift sets, sweets, and tools related to coffee. The section where visitors read on the website introduces us not only to products and events but also trivia about coffee. ‘The pan jikan (the bread time)’ is a special feature in the section on the website, which collaborates with bakeries that suggests specialty coffees that go well with croissants, Japanese custard buns, etc. The website is filled with wonderful content that can direct you to have a wonderful time. Another unique feature of Tsujimoto Coffee is expressing the perspectives of its original brand from receiving the order to packing for the online store orders like wrapping papers and even the leaflets that are included in the package. Tsujimoto the president of the company states, “For example, if you go...

Tsujimoto coffee

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