VWII 辛志平

VWI by CHADWANG operates a network of four cafes in Taiwan, one of them open for a limited period. As the name suggests, the producer behind the brand is Chad Wang, the winner of the 2017 World Brewers Cup. Having eyed overseas markets since its foundation in 2018, VWI has continued on a growth trajectory while standardizing staff training and store operations to ensure a certain standard. Now with 24 employees in its workforce, the company employs about 80% of them on full-time contracts. Chad says he used to be a withdrawn, shy person. We explored how his life changed after he launched and has run his namesake brand in his continuous pursuit of coffee, and what did and didn’t change as he evolved from barista to owner. Through interviews, we retraced his footsteps to this day, trying to uncover a spirit brewing within VWI. Eyes set on overseas The name VWI is an acronym of the three forms of water: vapor, water, and ice. It is also an answer Chad arrived at after debating what drip coffee is. “I believe drip coffee ultimately comes down to green coffee and water,” Chad explains, “at a ratio of 1.5% green coffee and 98.5% water. I want baristas to realize how important water is.” Five filtering layers mounted on faucets show just how fussy Chad is about water. The first layer removes chlorine and other impurities. Then the water is cleared of off-flavors with activated charcoal in the second layer. The third layer brings the liquid even closer to purity. And the fourth layer adds magnesium ions and calcium ions to the water to increase the rate...


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