The specialty coffee market shares only 5% of the coffee market in the Netherlands. Wakuli started a Direct-to-Consumer business centered around subscription services in 2019 aiming for expanding the specialty coffee market. We spoke to Yorick, the founder of Wakuli, who believes that food and drink are not gasoline. Coffees are versatile like wine.  Yorick was deeply moved by a cup of coffee he had in Ethiopia in 2010 when he was 20 years old.  Yorick states, “I thought, ‘This is what specialty coffee is all about.’ I had coffee, which had been produced and processed in the right method together with the producers. It was such a good memory to experience that and I felt that there is no better taste beyond it.”  “When I lived in Italy at the time, it was a custom for me to drink a shot of dark-roasted espresso as if it was medicine, so I guess there was a gap between the two different tastes. It can be sour, sweet, bitter, tangy, full-bodied, and so on. I felt that coffee with its diversity of flavors could be like wine.”  It wasn’t until nine years later that Yorick founded Wakuli and began the work to bring specialty coffee to a wider audience.  “I want every consumer to have access to specialty coffee and it doesn’t have to be from buying online from us. I want to make specialty coffee easier for people to buy and accessible to people who routinely buy poor-quality coffee from supermarkets,” he says.  “First of all, the share of specialty coffee in the Netherlands is only 5% of the total coffee market, so other stores...

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