South Korea

In South Korea, cafes are ubiquitous and have become an integral part of people’s lives. The development of specialty coffee culture is remarkable - with countless sophisticated cafes and coffee roasters, one can’t help but feel fascinated by their appearance. It is said that coffee consumption in South Korea has doubled in the past five years and many leading roasters from Europe and the United States are entering into the South Korean market attracted by South Korea’s enthusiasm for specialty coffee. South Korea is one of the countries in Asia that is very passionate for coffee consumption.

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In Taiwan, tea time with close friends is a common practice. It is said that coffee was added to tea time selections from the era of Japanese rule. Cafes influenced by Japanese coffee culture started to appear and the Japanese government then began to produce green coffee beans in the 1930s in Taiwan. Today, the world’s top roasting and brewing skills can be found among Taiwanese roasters. Specialty coffee from Taiwan, referred to as, “Legendary Coffee,” is highly regarded around the world due to its rarity.