Meet the Roasters Video

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Mameporepore is a roastery and coffee shop based in Okinawa City, southwestern Japan. An Okinawa native, owner Yoshiyuki Nakamura has a stellar resume of accomplishments, including a second-place finish in an international roasting competition. Though he has now reached an extraordinary height, a young Nakamura longed to be “just another ordinary kid.”
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GLITCH COFFEE & ROASTERS opened in 2015 in Tokyo’s Jimbo-cho, home to Japan’s traditional kissa culture. Specializing in single-origin coffee, the brand is working to spread Japan’s coffee culture abroad. It roasts coffee in a way that brings out wonderful characters unique to each origin, trying to convey the continuous effort and bottomless passion of coffee farmers.
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Founded in the city of Kurume in Fukuoka, southwestern Japan, in 2013, COFFEE COUNTY runs 3 shops now. Ever since its opening, they have visited coffee farms and bought green coffee directly from producers. The roastery operates under the slogan, “Vibrant Flow in You!”
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LATTEST strives to launch the world’s best female baristas into the world. The espresso bar opened its first shop in Tokyo’s trendy Omotesando district in February 2012. Having expanded into a network of 6 stores, the all-women LATTEST draws a stream of Japan’s coffee lovers with its signature espresso and latte art performance.
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A former winner of the Starbucks Coffee Ambassador’s Cup in Japan, Noriko Sunaga started MANLY COFFEE in Fukuoka in 2008. A mother of three, Sunaga is striving to become the world’s best roaster by 2028. She is making small efforts every day to create an emotion-inducing shop where people are wowed by coffee and treated with amazing service.