TYPICA After Hours Talk with 3-Star Roaster Raw Sugar Roast: Coffee as a medium

On October 13, 2022, day four of SCAJ 2022, TYPICA hosted the final round for the TYPICA GUIDE on the SCAJ Stage at Tokyo Big Sight. In this event, seven 2-Star Roasters representing different regions gave a presentation and brewing session, and a panel of judges and the audience voted on the best roaster. The top prize of 3-Star Roaster went to Yuya Kosakada from the Tokyo-based Raw Sugar Roast, and he was joined by judges KREVA and Chizuru Muko for a talk session at the TYPICA booth.  Telling the story from the beginning Masashi Goto (Masashi): Thanks for coming and hope you all enjoyed the show. I’d like to start by asking the judges what they thought of Yuya’s...


Everlasting Regeneration: Keynote speech by Eiji Hattori

In mid-October, 2022, TYPICA held its first Annual Meeting in Japan, focusing on the theme “SDGs–The start of a sustainable development generation.” The event began with an official visit to Ise Shrine, a symbolic representation of Japan’s spiritual culture and sustainability. Prior to that, participants had the privilege of listening to a keynote address delivered by Mr. Eiji Hattori. With over two decades of experience at UNESCO headquarters, including positions as the top spokesperson and special adviser to the Director-General, Mr. Hattori shared his insights. Coffee roasters and producers from 22 countries worldwide benefited from simultaneous interpretation in English and Spanish, enabling them to fully engage with Mr. Hattori’s speech. Sustainable development impossible through possession and exploitation “Man, the child...


First TYPICA Annual Meeting Wraps Up

Last month, we held TYPICA’s first ever annual conference “TYPICA Annual Meeting” in the city of Ise, central Japan, and Tokyo. The overarching theme of the event, which ran for five days from October 10 to 14, was “SDGS: Sustainable Development Generation Shapers.” Around 80 people took part, including coffee producers, roasters, and other key industry figures, flying in from 22 countries and territories. The participants deepened their understanding of coffee through dialogue with a joint mission to improve sustainability of delicious coffee. The gathering featured various programs, each aimed at shining the spotlight on the work of producers and roasters. The participants also paid an official visit to Ise Jingu shrine and then attended SCAJ 2022, the largest specialty...