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Coffees Becoming One by Direct Trade

Coffees Becoming One by Direct Trade

TYPICA is an online platform that connects coffee producers and roasters worldwide for direct trade of rare, unique coffee from a single jute bag. Each coffee we deliver has its own character that comes from the origin's terroir and the producer's hard work.

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Nagasawa COFFEE

Nagasawa COFFEE in Morioka City, Iwate, is a small town coffee brand run by Kazuhiro Nagasawa. His experience volunteering at shelters after the Tohoku earthquake shaped his coffee philosophy, and his coffee shop is a place to appreciate the simple joys in life, and shows that small town dreams can be big too.

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Raw Sugar Roast

Coffee is more than just the result of roasting and brewing. It’s more than flavor or profile. At Tokyo's Raw Sugar Roast, every cup of coffee is a chance to share a deeper story, and form a connection between consumer and producer.

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From Kyoto to the globe. Kurasu is striving to spread Japan’s coffee culture from six cafes at home and abroad. Each shop has its own identity and offers a different experience. United around the common language of coffee, their diverse team is a beacon of light in Japan’s coffee industry.

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Gentle-Tasting Coffee from a Violence-Riddled Nation – Colombia's Melancholy

A country that serves as the entryway to the South American continent, Colombia is brimming with fascinating attractions beyond its world-famous coffee. It's a land of gold, emeralds, narcotics, and exotic orchids. The common trait amongst these is their uncanny ability to captivate the human heart, often leading lives astray. Despite Colombian coffee's renowned mildness, the society here has a historical undercurrent of violence. Years of political discord resulted in civil war, and it remains the sole South American nation still grappling with the existence of guerrillas. Add drug cartels to the mix, and you have a chilling portrait akin to the one painted by Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Márquez, a native of Colombia. It begs the question: How did such mild coffee originate here?

A country that serves as the entryway to the South American continent,…


Brewed by the Canal: Panama, the Country that Launched Geisha to Prominence

Stretching as far as the eye can see, the panoramic view is nothing but the ocean. The scenery from the deck of a cruise ship sailing across the vast sea is breathtaking. Especially in the early morning, witnessing the sunrise emerge from the horizon is a truly exceptional experience. In the tropical waters of the Caribbean Sea, the sun exerts its powerful presence, radiating a scorching heat as it ascends. It's as if standing right beside a blazing stove, feeling your entire body engulfed in warmth. Sipping coffee under the radiant light invigorates your spirit. Heading south in the Caribbean Sea towards Panama, I arrive at the birthplace of a legendary coffee known as the pinnacle of specialty coffee, Esmeralda Special.

Stretching as far as the eye can see, the panoramic view is nothing bu…


The taste of freedom: The legacy of the revolution in Mexican coffee

Mexico is on the northern edge of the Coffee Belt, the equatorial region where coffee is most easily grown. Coffee production is limited to the south of the country, with the southernmost state of Chiapas being the biggest producer, responsible for 40% of the country’s total coffee production. Chiapas shares a border with Guatemala and was a part of the country until Mexico gained independence from Spain. Like their neighbors, the majority of residents are indigenous people of Mayan descent, and culturally they are closer to Guatemala. The flavor profile for Mexican coffee is also close to Guatemalan, but when it comes to quality, the difference in political policies between the two countries has had a significant effect.

Mexico is on the northern edge of the Coffee Belt, the equatorial regi…

#4 El Salvador

From the terror of war to a blueprint for peace: The resilience of El Salvador

El Salvador may be less than half the size of Costa Rica, but it is home to one of the largest populations in Central America with 6.5 million people. Living in such close quarters has fostered a sense of sincerity, resilience, and a strong work ethic within the Salvadorian people. And while most Latin American countries are known for their carefree and easygoing nature, El Salvador stands out for its calm demeanor and unshakeable loyalty. This personality is also reflected in the unique flavor of their coffee. However, there is another aspect to this loyalty. When it comes to war, Salvadorians are fiercely committed to their cause. In the civil war that lasted until 1992, left-wing guerillas rebelled against the right-wing government, and anyone considered an enemy was indiscriminately killed. In Nicaragua, tolerance was shown to enemies during the civil war, but in El Salvador, torture and brutal killings defined the conflict. In Spanish, El Salvador means “the Savior,” yet the country could not save itself from the horrors of civil war. Today, though memories of the civil war still haunt, peace has finally been restored. El Salvador is moving forward with its innate resilience and determination to rebuild the country.

El Salvador may be less than half the size of Costa Rica, but it is ho…



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