Our Story
& Vision

We named TYPICA from the coffee variety Typica, which is said to be the closest to the original seed of coffee. We chose the name out of our wish to value the foundation and the essence of a thing. Coffees and people each have a different character depending on the environment and the sensitivity of the people who produce and raise them. Our hope for the world is to create the place where people can enjoy the diversity of each personality and ‘the TYPICA’ (the true nature of the person) that everyone has.
Coffee producers are forced to switch to producing other crops or leave the farms due to climate change caused by global warming and unstable international pricing. Direct trade is one of the ways to buy and sell coffee at a fair price, but it has not been easy for many smallholders and roasters due to problems with volumes and cash flow. Our idea is to create a world where people, regardless of the scale of their business, can trade directly and ensure transparency in the supply chain and pricing. TYPICA aims to make everyone involved in coffee happy from producers to consumers by offering ‘transparent coffee.’

Our Team

Ayane Yamada
Founder and CQO
Masashi Goto
Founder and CEO
Shintaro Asako
Akiyo Azuma
Administrative Officer
Kosuke Arisawa
Technology Officer
Takehiro Yasui
Operating Officer
Shizuka Funayama
Social Impact Officer
Yui Fujii
General Manager
Mao Fujihara
General Manager
Shinichiro Nishio
General Manager
Daigo Sekine
General Manager
Yuga Nakano
General Manager
Soi Shin
General Manager
Shuhei Hagimori
General Manager
Samuel Perez
Head of QC
Ryota Shinagawa
Sourcing DX Strategic Partner
Choi Donghaeng
Community Manager
Takahiro Kawano
Community Manager
Shimon Yokoyama
Community Manager
Hazuki Oishi
Community Manager
Rachel Keen
Community Manager
Jonathan Withers
Community Manager
Mion Nakamura
Community Manager
Shota Matsushita
Coffee Specialist
Aimi Yamada
Charmaine Kua
Shota Matsushima
Systems Engineer
Takahiko Wada
Systems Engineer
Daichi Saito
Systems Engineer
Yoshihide Tanioka
Systems Engineer
Shigeo Arikawa
Visual Director
Bangal Dawson,inc.
Creative Director / Art Director
Rokas Aleliunas
Video Production
Jyunpei Kuroki
Web Director
S2 Factory, inc.
Front-end Development (Map)
System Development Corporation
Eriko Masumura
Copy Writer
Tatsuya Nakamichi
Chief Editor
Yuki Hirakawa
Kenichi Aikawa
C.Y. Pan
Chieon Park
Candy K. Sakura
E.x.N K.K.
Koichi Koike
Project Manager
Tatsuya Imayoshi
Project Manager
Yasuhito Hiraki
Kenichi Shohtoku
Certified public accountant
Junya Komatsu
Legal Director
* As of March 26, 2024, including subcontracting and outsourcing


Company name TYPICA Holdings, Inc.
Executives Masashi Goto / Ayane Yamada / Shintaro Asako
Founded November 1, 2019 (Established August 2020)
Office Locations Eerste Jan van der Heijdenstraat 165HS, 1072TS Amsterdam
180 Front Street #19C Brooklyn NY 11201
Akasaka 2-22-21 Class Act Bldg. B1F, Minato ku, Tokyo
Minamisemba 4-12-8, Kansai Shinsaibashi Building 8th Floor, Chuo ku, Osaka
B1, 43, Jahamun-ro 7-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Postcode 03040)
No. 150, Section 2, Nanjing East Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei
Capital stock 3.05 billion Japanese Yen (Legal capital surplus included)