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What is TYPICA?

TYPICA is an online platform where coffee producers connect with roasters for direct trade of green coffee.

What is direct trade?

In the coffee industry, direct trade means a relationship where coffee producers and roasters do business directly without any intermediary.

Our definition of direct trade, meanwhile, is a relationship where producers and roasters communicate directly and buy and sell coffee with full transparency.

For small-holder farmers who speak only their own language and have no bank account, local partners play a crucial role. Given these circumstances, TYPICA doesn't focus on cutting out middlemen, but instead actively works with the best partners and ensure the smoothest transaction between producers and roasters.

What is revolutionary about TYPICA?

First, producers and roasters are able to directly trade green coffee from a single 60-kilogram jute bag. Normally, direct trade of green coffe starts from an 18-ton container at the minimum. TYPICA loads purchases of multiple roasters into one container for import, thereby reducing the minimum trading unit for the roasters. This system has expanded access to direct trade to producers and roasters of all sizes.

Second, we ensure transparency about prices. On our platform, producers get to decide selling prices for themselves. Before roasters buy coffee on our platform, they can see how much of the money they pay goes toward producers, or how much of the price is for freight charges or import procedures. This system ensures a fair transaction in the true sense of the words.

Third, we offer coffees that are in season. Normally, green coffee goes on sale only after arriving at a warehouse in an importing country. On the other hand, TYPICA offers green beans right after they are harvested and processed, when they are still in the origin country. Then we deliver samples to roasters and start taking pre-orders. This way, producers can sell their green beans in the shortest possible time, and roasters can get their hands on fresh green coffee.

Where can I drink TYPICA-traded coffee?

Thank you! Go to the map on the top page, and you can find roasters who use TYPICA.

If you are in Japan, TYPICA GUIDE may come in handy. It features roasters we recommend.