TYPICA is a community nurtured by coffee producers, roasters who roast their coffee, consumers, and all those who love coffee around the world. Just like people, each cup of coffee has its personality. The nature that produces coffee and the thoughts of the producers and roasters. The thoughts you feel for someone will be passed around and continue to the world beyond. We want to make the coffee sustainable by delivering fresh green coffee beans to the people who need them, in the quantities they need, at the right price. Enjoying the blessings of nature (coffee) together (Co). Coffee is essentially a colorful and sweet drink.

Coffee has its season. However, it may not be well known that green coffee beans are the seeds of cherries-like fruits that can be harvested once a year. The coffees delivered by TYPICA are filled with a wide variety of coffee flavors created by the climate of the production areas and the sensitivity of the producers and roasters. The coffee variety TYPICA is said to be the closest variety to the original variety of coffee. Many other varieties were born from TYPICA just as the coffee culture has spread around the world. When we are connected, the world will change. TYPICA aims to create a colorful world where we can connect with the flavors of various coffees and enjoy the differences in their brilliant tastes.

How it works

What is direct trade for TYPICA?





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Directly buy green
coffee from a
single jute bag.

Read narratives
about origins
and producers.

Taste fresh
diverse flavors
of coffee.

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The TYPICA trademark is proof that the coffee is of high-quality and traded directly through TYPICA while proving the transparency of the supply chain and price.



TYPICA makes full use of technology to create an environment that allows producers to provide fresh green coffee beans, which they just harvested and processed promptly.



TYPICA discloses the supply chain and the price breakdown for all lots. By ensuring transparency, we maintain fair profitability for producers and the others involved in the coffee industry and enhance the sustainability of coffee.



Every coffee has a story to tell about production areas and the producers. To tell the stories along with the coffee, we provide a wealth of content such as photos, movies, and blogs.

Find this mark,
magical flavors await !

TYPICA Direct Trade

The TYPICA mark is a label that certifies that the company is providing high-quality green coffee beans at a fair price by disclosing the supply chain and price breakdown of producers, refineries, exporters, and importers through TYPICA, a direct trade platform for green coffee beans.