TYPICA GUIDE 2024 Recap: A Platform for Nurturing Individuality, Not A Competition

On March 20, 2024, coffee lovers in Japan gathered at Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba for the final round of “TYPICA GUIDE,” a service dedicated to helping all coffee enthusiasts discover truly delicious coffee. After the event, COFFEEMAN good from Aomori, northern Japan, emerged as this year’s 3-Star Roaster. The final round featured seven 2-Star Roasters, each picked from a pool of 1-Star Roasters, who were chosen based on the recommendation of TYPICA community managers. During the event, each roaster took the stage for a seven-minute live brewing presentation. The fate of the 3-Star award rested in the hands of a diverse panel of Special Guests from various industries and the general public, who cast their votes both in person and online....


New Year Greetings from the TYPICA Team

Masashi Goto (Representative Director/Chief Executive Officer), Ayane Yamada (Representative Director/Chief Quality Officer) and Shintaro Asako (Representative Director/Chief Financial Officer) Happy New Year. As we welcome the new year, we extend our sincere gratitude for the tremendous support you have shown us throughout the past year.  It is thanks to your assistance that our team is able to start this year with a sense of rejuvenation. 2023 marked a year of the most significant leaps for TYPICA since our founding.  Established in the Netherlands and Japan in 2019, TYPICA set out as a global venture company with the goal of democratizing direct trade and creating the world’s best market. With successful expansions into South Korea and Taiwan in 2021, and the...


Join us on a sourcing trip to Acacia Hills in Tanzania

Dear Coffee Roasters, We’re thrilled to offer you an exciting opportunity! Here at TYPICA, we believe in forming deep connections with our coffee partners, and today, we invite you to join us on a special journey to the heart of Tanzanian coffee excellence – Acacia Hills. Acacia Hills Coffee Estate: Where Coffee Meets Dedication Let’s talk about Acacia Hills, a place in Tanzania that’s more than just a coffee farm – Leon and Aideen, the dynamic duo who own Acacia Hills, have been our partners for years. Their passion for crafting outstanding coffee is nothing short of inspiring. We can’t wait to share their story with you! Why Acacia Hills? Leon’s farm, Acacia Hills, was listed as a winner in...


Launching Product Team

We are thrilled to announce that TYPICA will launch the Product Team in August 2023. The team will be responsible for developing our online platform, one of the key elements of TYPICA alongside high-quality coffee and the roaster-producer community. We will aim to create a marketplace that truly brings roasters and producers together and helps them more proactively and seamlessly explore their full potential.  It goes without saying that the coffee industry is grappling with substantial challenges. Coffee prices can fluctuate wildly due to the whims of supply and demand as well as influxes of speculative capital. Because of that, it can be challenging to earn a steady stream of income from coffee. Moreover, the impacts of climate change in...


Opening Event at Seoul Home

Over the course of four days, from April 27th to 30th, we hosted our inaugural invitation-only opening event at Seoul Home, our South Korean base, with the enthusiastic participation of 82 roasters. Attendees immersed themselves in the TYPICA experience as a global community. They engaged in cupping sessions of direct-trade new crops and enlightening talk sessions led by roasters, some of whom had traveled to coffee origins through TYPICA Lab. TYPICA launched its service in South Korea in 2021. Ever since, we have introduced the narratives of coffee producers and their uniquely crafted coffees through cupping events across the country and participation in the Cafe Show Seoul, one of the world’s largest coffee industry fairs. Due to the impact of...


RebirthDaniele Levorato: Cuatro Caminos Coffee Estates

Hi everyone. First of all, thanks for a wonderful welcome to your country. We are Cuatro Caminos Coffee Estates, established in Panama in 2014. We are part of the AgroNosotros group which, through private equities, invests in specialty agriculture. At the moment, we own and operate 12 specialty coffee farms for a total of 177ha in Boquete, Panama, one cacao farm in the Bocas del Toro region 135ha, and four different cacao farms in Belize, 60ha in total. In addition to farming, we operate one coffee shop, soon to be two, in Panama City, and two chocolate bean-to-bar facilities in Boquete, Panama, and Punta Gorda, Belize.  Our mission is to own and operate specialty coffee farms in Panama that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. Sustainability...


Rising StarDanish Ali: Caffeine Nirvana

Hello, everyone, my name is Danish. I’m from Caffeine Nirvana, India. I’m from a town called Chikmagalur. This is our estate. We grow all coffee and a lot of shade trees. This is Chikmagalur. I’ll just give you a context. Is is here that Baba Budan, when green bean, it was banned to take it anywhere and he smuggled seven beans inside a stick and brought it to Chikmagalur. And form those seven beans in the 16th century is where the coffee started. My family has been in it for a very long time. We are continuing it by employig the latest advancements, what’s available to us and combining it with the age-old traditions. There are a lot of locations,...


CommunityHidardo / Sebastian: CAFESMO

Hello, everyone. So we will indeed be doing a dual presentation because we think that will better reflect what CAFESMO represents as an organization. Hidardo, although he is 20 years younger than I, is the founder of CAFESMO.  My name is Sebastian and I am responsible for international relations. As I just told on the stage, I am originally from the Netherlands. But I moved to Honduras 20 years ago to work with abandoned children and battered women. Four years ago, actually almost incidentally, I became aware that many coffee farmers in Honduras were leaving their livelihood and leaving their families behind to migrate illegally to the United States. We faced that problem continuously unfortunately, in Honduras and in the surrounding countries. It is...


LeadershipAlejandro Valiente C. : CaféNor

Good morning. My name is Alejandro Valiente. I’m a fourth-generation coffee-producer in northern Santa Ana in El Salvador. I worked at several companies from 2005 to 2017. And I got to know coffee producers in Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. This gave me a broader perspective on coffee production in the region and market trends. Our project started in 2018, when our concept and financial prospect became clearer. Our vision is to create a sustainable business through an innovation process, build long-term relations between producers and roasters, and achieve traceability and transparency. This is based on four philosophical principes. First, to have the ability to harmonize differences. Second, to respect different opinions. Third, to be humble and listen to the advice...


New York Launch Event

From March 27 to 31, TYPICA hosted an event at Pre Home in New York to celebrate our launch in the United States. During the multi-day event, 28 roasters participated in cupping sessions and had the chance to interact with guest roasters and coffee producers from all around the world. Through the event, we took the first step toward cultivating a new coffee culture through the power of community and realizing a world where everyone can trade directly. TYPICA has headquarters in the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. The US will be our fifth base. All three global waves of coffee started here. So the decision to establish a presence in New York was necessary for our mission to...


Origin Investments in Bolivia

TYPICA is currently conducting a “listing deposit” scheme with a select number of smallholder producers in Bolivia. This endeavor allows TYPICA to support producers who propose their own projects to increase production, improve quality, and establish a sustainable coffee business. By loaning funds to producers before the coffee harvest takes place, they can securely invest in methods to increase their production or improve the quality of their products without worrying about economic risks. Coffee grown by these producers is offered on TYPICA’s platform as a priority listing, so roasters can purchase their highest quality lots. In this way, the loaned funds are returned through coffee delivery. Some of the proposals for improving coffee quality have included equipment investments such as...


Taiwan Caravan

Between March 6 and March 10, our “Taiwan Caravan” toured 4 cities in Taiwan including Taipei. The 55 participants from various roasteries and cafes were able to experience firsthand what TYPICA stands for through events such as presentations and cuppings of direct trade coffee. TYPICA first launched in Taiwan in October 2021, but in-person activities were restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, we were able to build good relationships with various members in the industry in Taiwan through interacting online, and it was with great excitement that we were finally able to hold our first in-person event at several roasteries that are important members of the TYPICA community. Host roasteries for the Taiwan Caravan included VWI by CHADWANG and...