Ethiopia 2023

Hello, everyone! This is Ayane Yamada from TYPICA. We have some news that is sure to be exciting for roasters – confirmation of the arrival times for various coffee samples from Ethiopia! This year, in addition to offering samples from partners like Wete Ambela Coffee, Nardos, and Moplaco, we also plan to add samples from a new curator. The first phase of products should be arriving around the middle of February, so we hope you’re excited to see what’s in store! Quality and prices When asked about the quality of this year’s beans, Wete Ambela Coffee’s export manager, Elias  told us, “The quality of this year’s batch is very good. There wasn’t much rain during the flowering season last year,...


InitiativeHeleanna Georgalis : Moplaco

So first of all, I would like to thank Ayane and Masa for today. It was a really unexpected meeting. So well planned and organized that we need you to come to Ethiopia to help us, I think. And thank you for Ayumi for getting us here because our visa process was very long. And it’s really an honor to be among so many coffee producing countries, and to be asked questions that made us think during the shrine visit especially. So my name is Heleanna. I am of Greek origin, but I was born and raised in Ethiopia until the age of six. And then I had to leave because of the communist regime that came.  And my family...