RebirthDaniele Levorato: Cuatro Caminos Coffee Estates

Hi everyone. First of all, thanks for a wonderful welcome to your country. We are Cuatro Caminos Coffee Estates, established in Panama in 2014. We are part of the AgroNosotros group which, through private equities, invests in specialty agriculture. At the moment, we own and operate 12 specialty coffee farms for a total of 177ha in Boquete, Panama, one cacao farm in the Bocas del Toro region 135ha, and four different cacao farms in Belize, 60ha in total. In addition to farming, we operate one coffee shop, soon to be two, in Panama City, and two chocolate bean-to-bar facilities in Boquete, Panama, and Punta Gorda, Belize.  Our mission is to own and operate specialty coffee farms in Panama that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. Sustainability...


Rising StarDanish Ali: Caffeine Nirvana

Hello, everyone, my name is Danish. I’m from Caffeine Nirvana, India. I’m from a town called Chikmagalur. This is our estate. We grow all coffee and a lot of shade trees. This is Chikmagalur. I’ll just give you a context. Is is here that Baba Budan, when green bean, it was banned to take it anywhere and he smuggled seven beans inside a stick and brought it to Chikmagalur. And form those seven beans in the 16th century is where the coffee started. My family has been in it for a very long time. We are continuing it by employig the latest advancements, what’s available to us and combining it with the age-old traditions. There are a lot of locations,...


CommunityHidardo / Sebastian: CAFESMO

Hello, everyone. So we will indeed be doing a dual presentation because we think that will better reflect what CAFESMO represents as an organization. Hidardo, although he is 20 years younger than I, is the founder of CAFESMO.  My name is Sebastian and I am responsible for international relations. As I just told on the stage, I am originally from the Netherlands. But I moved to Honduras 20 years ago to work with abandoned children and battered women. Four years ago, actually almost incidentally, I became aware that many coffee farmers in Honduras were leaving their livelihood and leaving their families behind to migrate illegally to the United States. We faced that problem continuously unfortunately, in Honduras and in the surrounding countries. It is...