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19grams was founded in Berlin in 2002 as Tres Cabezas. At this time, specialty coffee was barely recognized in Germany. The company has built relationships with coffee farmers over the past twenty years, by visiting coffee producers from around the world, and with their experience, they have been running a sustainable business. We spoke with Gerrit, a senior executive who joined the company in 2018 and has been instrumental in the growth of the business, and Anthony, 19grams Head Roaster who joined in 2017. Encountering the gem called specialty coffee.  19grams. The name of the shop is very simple and clear. The name comes from the first dose that was used in their cafe; 19 grams of coffee beans for a double espresso.  Gerrit, who suggested the name, states, “The name of the company when it was established was ‘Tres Cabezas,’ which was hard to read and pronounce. ‘19grams’ made sense as it was directly related to coffee, so there was no need to explain what the brand was. The idea of using ‘19grams’ as the brand name is a very logical one.”  The customer-oriented branding strategy of 19grams is also reflected in the pastel-colored product packaging. The pictures of pears, apples, cinnamon, etc. on the packaging allow customers to have an idea of the taste of the coffee at first glance. This was also born out of logical thought; “Making it easier for customers while being unique and playful so that people are naturally attracted to it.” Gerrit, who used to work as a leader in the strategy office of a major automobile manufacturer, entered the world of specialty coffee because he found it...

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