Anthracite Coffee Yeonhui

In 2009, Anthracite Coffee was established in a renovated abandoned shoe factory in Seoul, and now has 5 shops in Korea. While in pursuit of delicious coffee, the company is unique in that it offers not only specialty coffee but commercial coffee as well. We spoke to Ms. Hyun Ju Bang (hereinafter, referred to as “Bang”), a founding member of the company. Not old-and-worthless but old-but-beautiful things by reforming an abandoned shoe factory in Hapjeong-dong. The first founder came to Korea after studying music and philosophy in New York in the 2000s.  “In New York, he studied about what was popular in America at the time, and prepared to bring it to Korea. In Korea back then, there were almost no examples of establishments taking an old space and combining it with the new, like in the industrial style, so perhaps it looked kind of fresh to people. In the meantime, Anthracite, which was a cafe in the first place, started from a small discussion with a cup of coffee ; the unique essence found in old things, the longing for a gaze that looks into the aesthetic beauty, and the philosophy that everyday life is very closely dissolved in our lives. However, rather than going out of our way to find something old, we looked for a cheap yet high-quality space, making sure we were getting a good value for our money. We chose this place not only for it’s antiquity and beauty, but its practicality as well.” Unique taste that has gained the support of others Since the summer of 2007, a coffee truck called “Kim Yak-guk”, the predecessor of Anthracite, Kim’s drug...

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