Sendagaya, Tokyo, is both an office district and residential area, home to a cluster of clothing companies, schools and houses. Also in this neighborhood are Meiji Jingu shrine and Japan National Stadium. It is here where coffee stand BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR COFFEE KIOSK and roastery and confectionery GOOD NEIGHBORS’ PROVISIONS are located. BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR COFFEE KIOSK draws a steady stream of local residents and office workers from nearby, in some way living up to its name. The men responsible for this shop as well as roasting and quality control at its second branch in Oshiage are 31-year-old Ryusuke Suzuki and 28-year-old Masaya Ikeda. Though young, they are already in positions of great responsibility. We’ve spoken to Suzuki and Ikeda to find out how they can always be themselves and how they create an open atmosphere for people around them. A spring of connections with good neighbors At the entrance of one cafe in San Francisco, there is a coffee cup on a newspaper vending machine. A photo capturing such a scene of everyday life is the origin of BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR COFFEE KIOSK, which opened 11 years ago. That snapshot was taken by editor Hitoshi Okamoto, one of the co-founders behind KIOSK. Suzuki explains. “When Okamoto was in the United States, he saw firefighters clad in gear drop by that San Francisco cafe to buy coffee. Something about the scene resonated with Okamoto and inspired him to make such a place in Japan, too. There is a mailbox in front of our shop in Sendagaya. And customers place coffee on it and chat with their friends, or postmen stop by for...

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