Café Libre, Yeonnam Branch Cafe

Founded in 2009 in South Korea while specialty coffee culture was still in its infancy, today Coffee Libre has four stores in Seoul and one in Shanghai, making it one of the most famous roastery and cafe in Korea. However, it has not all been smooth sailing for this coffee company. We spoke to the founder, Mr. Pil Hoon Seu (hereinafter, referred to as “Pil”), a self-proclaimed “coffee nerd.” I learned that it was not a problem. It is just who I am. When you visit a Coffee Libre shop, the first thing that catches your eye is a logo that does not quite look like one that belongs to a coffee shop. Customers are greeted by “Lucha libre” wrestling masks on signs, packaging, paintings hanging on the wall – everywhere and anywhere in the store. “It is based on the main character of an American movie called Nacho Libre. The main character, Ignacio, works as a Catholic priest in a monastery, but is not given enough money for food, so he starts to secretly moonlight as a masked wrestler in order to earn money to feed the hungry orphans. The main character has two completely different personas during the day and night, but as a professional, he feels happy when he helps others. I was deeply moved by the fact that such a wonderful story actually happened in real life.” Pil, who had always had an eccentric personality since childhood and wondered if he was strange or suffered from a mental health problem, was able to relate to the main character. “When I was a college student, a fortune teller once told me, ‘You...

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