In 2002, NAMUSAIRO COFFEE was opened in Seoul to serve as a multiplex space for people to meet, and in 2013, the café moved to a renovated space in an old house built in the 1950s. We interviewed the founder, Ms. Junsun Bae, who is also a former pianist. Living without defying Nature Namusairo is an abbreviation of a Korean word meaning “a road winding through the trees.” The founder, Junsun Bae, came up with this name after a trip to Europe.“When I was on a train in Switzerland, I suddenly realized that the tracks were winding through the mountains. If you cut through the mountains and built tunnels, you could get to your destination faster. If you are aiming for economic growth in a capitalist society, you wouldn’t build such tracks. As I was thinking about this, I realized that the reason why the railroad tracks are winding is to avoid harming other life forms. At the time, I was reading a lot of books about how long we can continue to live with economic growth as our goal, and how long the fossil fuel era will last. I thought that it was in the nature of human beings to live without going against the environment.” This way of life can be seen in the fact that although she deals in specialty coffee, she does not actively use the word “specialty”. “We started buying and roasting coffees with clear information such as the place of origin in 2003, but in the beginning, there was a repulsion from people with preconceived ideas and stereotypes about coffee. There were a certain number of enthusiasts who could...

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