CAFESMOCafes Especiales Mercedes Ocotepeque S.A. DE C.V.


An email from CAFESMO landed in our inbox at the beginning of 2022. It said the group found out about TYPICA’s platform through the introduction of an Amsterdam-based roaster. It was a pleasant surprise to know that there are producers in Honduras as organized and as committed to creating a sustainable coffee industry as CAFESMO. The samples we received soon afterwards were high-quality across the board, some of them so impressive to the point of evocative. CAFESMO is an organization of some 280 producers headquartered in Mercedes, a border region that sits between Honduras and El Salvador. The group’s official launch dates to 2016. Co-founder Hidardo Hernández has been at its helm ever since. We’ve interviewed Hidardo, a fourth-generation coffee producer born and bred in Mercedes. History of CAFESMO “We founded CAFESMO in 2016 with 86 family members and friends, including my father, Rosalío Ventura and other experienced coffee producers. Our aim was to directly export our coffees to new markets. We knew that coffees in Mercedes were of great quality. Nevertheless, all coffees in our region were commercially produced by exporters. There was no regional organization that supported producers like us.” At the time, coffees from Mercedes were mainly distributed as commercial coffee through large international groups. But fortunes changed for Mercedes coffee thanks to Alejandro Valiente, who, as you well know, runs a processing station called CaféNor in El Salvador. He’s offered coffee to TYPICA since 2021. In around 2015, Alejandro, who was then working at Caravela Coffee, visited Mercedes to find coffees for the US market. Upon sampling Rosalío’s coffee, Alejandro highly praised its quality. Alejandro told Rosalío, “Your region has a...

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