著手咖啡 Coffee Intro

Coffee Intro is a roastery and cafe established in Taichung in 2016. We spoke with Ms. San Huang and roaster Ms. Weng(Weng erh wei), who co-founded Coffee Intro after working together at three different cafés and coffee shops since they first met about 10 years ago. (Titles are omitted hereinafter)  The journey begins with a cup of coffee The name “Coffee Intro” is like an introduction to a song, leading you into the world of coffee. We hope that our coffee will be the starting point of many specialty coffee journeys. The idea behind the name Coffee Intro comes from one of San, the founder of the company’s experiences. Without much thought, San went to work for a commercial coffee shop chain in Taipei after graduating from college, thinking, “I’m lucky to have a job where I can drink coffee every day.” Although it roasted its own coffee, it was the kind of place that served mass-produced, inexpensive coffee as takeout to office workers. It was the early 2010s when it was still difficult to find specialty coffee shops in Taiwan. One day, San and her colleague, Weng, visited a specialty coffee shop, as their interest in specialty coffee was growing. “When I drank Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, I was surprised to find that it tasted as fruity as the barista said it would. I didn’t know much about coffee at the time, so I was skeptical that it’d really taste like that. For us, it was the cup that introduced us to the fascinating world of specialty coffee. Eventually, we realized that developing an interest in coffee thanks to a single special cup is an experience...

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