COFFEE LOVER’s PLANET was founded in Taiwan in 2016 by Japan-based UCC UESHIMA COFFEE Co. Of many shops UCC operates in Japan and four other Asian nations, COFFEE LOVER’s PLANET is the flagship and the only one focused on specialty coffee.COFFEE LOVER’s PLANET runs two locations, both in Taiwan. What does it see as its identity, and where does it aim to go? We’ve interviewed brand manager Yang Yishan and roaster Jiang Ciwei. Creating a store deserving of specialty coffee Major department store chain SOGO has seven locations across Taiwan. COFFEE LOVER’s PLANET occupies a corner of its branches in Dunhua and Hsinchu Big City. As you enter these two shops, a diverse lineup of coffees will immediately catch your eye. Here, even indoor-dining customers can choose from seven brewing methods, including drip, French press, and cold brew. “Specialty coffee is by no means a cheap product,” Yishan said. “Our shop is in a department store. So we need to add some value to the products with customer service, too.” COFFEE LOVER’s PLANET has a roasting space and a packaging room on its premises, a setup that’s rarely seen elsewhere. These facilities allow it to seal freshly roasted coffees in original positive-pressure aluminum cans that preserve freshness and afford richness to aromas. Details of the package room are a closely guarded secret, except that it employs Japanese technology. COFFEE LOVER’s PLANET is independent of the 13 UCC outlets in Taiwan. The company has its own recruitment program, and its staff won’t be transferred to other affiliates, all because it focuses solely on specialty coffee and has completely different service styles and serving methods. Being passionate...


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