Faro - Caffè Specialty

Faro opened in 2017 in Rome, Italy. The cafe has the vibes of a restaurant where customers can enjoy diverse food experiences from dishes and bread to sweets, all cooked on the premises. Faro was co-founded by Dario Fociani, a native of Rome, and two friends Arturo Felicetta and Dafne Spadavecchia, with whom he shares ethical and political views. After graduating from university, Dario worked at different specialty coffee shops in Melbourne, London and Berlin over a period of six years, before finally returning to Italy when he was 30. Today, he is in charge of marketing at Faro, and also serves as head roaster at Aliena, Faro’s roastery little sister. We’ve interviewed Dario to find out what it means for Dario to do business and live a life in Rome. Put up a flag to draw like-minded people Few specialty coffee cafes offer as diverse a selection of food and sweets as Faro does. No wonder, as its staff includes a chef whose creations adorn the ever-changing menu every day. Here, each day brings a different offering of daily lunch specials. “In a sense, we are just doing what we love. We like to think about food and sweets as well as coffee. Coffee is just a flag of the store. I would’ve gotten bored if we served only coffee. And I don’t believe a business in Rome can survive if it has coffee only. So we aimed for our store to be both interesting and viable as a business. A good coffee shop attracts a lot of nice, interesting people. I like the feel of a melting pot a coffee shop can create....

Faro – Caffè Specialty

Mon-Fri: 8:00~16:00, Sat, Sun: 9:00~17:00
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