FELT Coffee Shimasang Park

In 2015, FELT Coffee opened a showroom that was designed to provide an environment where people can focus on coffee as much as possible, and has since opened two new cafés, all of which are stylish and sophisticated but intentionally eliminate any similarities in their designs. We spoke with representatives Mr.Yong-hyun Kim and Mr.Dae-won Song, who have been friends for several years and founded FELT Coffee as a natural progression of their similar tastes, perspectives, and passion for coffee. Photo:Sungmo Yang  Harmonizing while protecting identity Currently, FELT Coffee operates three shops in Seoul (one showroom and two cafés), as well as a roasting facility that also serves as a training center. “The first shop we opened in Jangjeon-dong was a showroom. The reason why we opened the showroom in Jangjeon-dong was because we wanted to convey the fact that we make good coffee with good ingredients, as well as our philosophy and stance as a brand.” There are no tables in the shop, just a simple bench, so it is not a space where customers can relax. They designed it so that customers sitting on the bench can watch the baristas brewing coffee in the shop.  “I wanted to create a space where people could concentrate on the coffee as much as possible, so I tried to eliminate decorative elements that would interfere with it. As a service provider, we use the bear minimum, including machines and tools, so that we can concentrate on making the coffee taste good.”(Kim) It seems their intent got across to their customers, as many came all the way to Jangjeon-dong shop, which is not in a good location, just...

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