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Friedhats Coffee Roasters (hereinafter referred to as Friedhats) was founded in 2016 as a specialty coffee roaster and the company opened its directly managed Fuku Café in 2018. Their motto is ‘Enjoy Ourselves.’ We spoke to Dylan, who founded Friedhats with his friend in Amsterdam, where he had drifted from his native New Zealand via Australia and London.  I didn’t want to do anything that I can’t enjoy.  It’s rare to find a website like Friedhats that doesn’t seem to be keen in selling products or promoting the company’s appeal at all. Aside from the high-impact logo that jumps out at you, there are no great-looking photos or catchy phrases that stick in your mind. The website is so unpretentious that it seems inorganic, but the quiet “statement” of ‘The less the time is spent on marketing, the more the time is spent on coffee,’ clearly comes to our mind.     “It’s the irony that Instagram is full of corporate ads of roasters. We don’t want to get so caught up in marketing that we neglect the quality of our coffee. The reason our products are selling well is our products themselves are “promoting sales” and it’s not because of the success in our marketing. The reason we’ve been in business for five years since 2016 is because we’ve been just lucky (laugh),” says Dylan.  Friedhats was founded by Dylan and Lex, who was once the employee and owner at the same cafe. After the café was closed due to a circumstance, they took over the roastery and started over. “We didn’t start our own roasting business to make money,” they say. “We just wanted to...

Friedhats Coffee Roasters

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