Fritz Yangjae

Fritz Coffee Company directly imports over 90% of its green coffee supplies and roasts them on-site. With a network of four cafes across Seoul, the company also wholesales coffee beans to around 850 mainly domestic clients, making a great impact on the South Korean coffee industry. Also garnering attention is its organization structure, where all of its roughly 90 employees are hired on a full-time basis. Its five co-founders were already highly skilled and well-known even before starting the company. They include a famous green coffee buyer, a winner of the South Korean barista championship and a roaster. How did they end up founding a business together? To find out, we interviewed Kim Dohyun, one of the co-founders who’s in charge of roasting and financing. Starting with Philosophy Fritz Coffee’s shops, from its first location built in the Hanok traditional architectural style to its third evoking a 1950-60’s South Korean hotel, boast fashionable aesthetics with a retro charm in their interiors and exteriors alike. Hangul letters run across the company’s logo featuring a fur seal – All this is a reflection of the company’s “Korean Vintage” concept, under which it actively incorporates South Korean culture. The shops serve not only coffees carefully brewed by baristas, but also freshly baked bread made by a team specialized in bread production. These places harken back to a bygone era when time passed leisurely by. Customers get to enjoy a rich moment of respite from the hustle of city life while tasting delicious food and drinks. The five co-founders, who had long been good friends, started to think about starting a business together after they won a barista championship...

Fritz Coffee Company

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