Richard Mwangoka


GDM is a coffee company located in Mbeya, a city in southwestern Tanzania. On the cupping table that Mary, our coffee consultant, had prepared for us, there was a natural coffee of exceptionally high quality, and that was GDM’s coffee. GDM owns a vast coffee plantation, more than 80,000 coffee trees, and a mill in Mbeya. At the mill, they process not only coffee from their own farms, but also coffee purchased from local cooperatives. The annual production volume of the company’s own farms is 1,000 tons, while that of the cooperatives is 2 to 3,000 tons. GDM is named after its founder, Grivas D Mwangoka. His son, Richard, took over the company in July of 2021 at the age of only 22. When Mary and I visited the mill at GDM, we shook hands with Richard. At the time, I was completely unaware that he was the president of this company. I talked to Richard to learn more about the company, Mbeya, and his personal life. How GDM came to be GDM was founded by Richard’s father, Grievous, in 2000; the company entered the specialty coffee market around 2010 and began operating a mill in 2018. “When we first started, we were only producing commercial coffee, but when we saw how profitable specialty coffee was, we decided to enter the market. We were already growing specialty coffee quality coffee before entering the market, so we didn’t make any major changes to our growing methods.” They produce not only specialty coffee, but also other crops such as corn and beans. They also developed their own logistics and construction businesses related to coffee, creating multiple sources...


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