With the motto, “More than just a cup of coffee,” KARIOMONS COFFEE ROASTER is mainly engaged in direct trade with around 10 coffee producers. In 2009, they started out as a food truck and now have two stores in Nagasaki Prefecture that breathe new life into the spaces that were already there. This is the story of the founder, Hiroyuki Ito, who looks at life through his passion for coffee. *We will be referring to him as Ito from here on. A brand new existence unlike anything seen before Names of stores and companies hold the sentiments, personalities, values, and philosophies of its founders, and this is not something limited to just coffee shops and cafes. KARIOMONS COFFEE ROASTER, which was established in 2009, is no exception, and the originality of the founder, Ito, is clearly represented in it. Kariomon is an Ethiopian word that means “coffee ceremony.” It is a cultural and traditional custom that is seen as a sort of event or a ritual even to this day, however, it was originally used to describe a moment in time connected to everyday life, as well as a time and space for hunters to have tea after returning from a hunt. “What attracts me is the gentle and inexpressible nature of the word “kariomon.” The word has a deep history, but the fact that I can’t find a precise way to describe it excites me because it’s like I’m stepping into a world of the unknown. That’s why I have a lot of trouble when people ask me what the name of our store means,” Ito laughed. “I added the ‘s’ at the end...


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