Kawa Coffee started out in 2016 as a specialty coffee wholesaler in Paris, France, for cafes and restaurants. Now, the company operates retail on an online store and at a coffee shop. It also runs a delivery service that supplies offices with freshly roasted coffee every month. Co-founder Alexis Gagnaire leads its young staff of around 20 members who average 27 years old, with a focus on creating a team where everyone has an equal say. Alexis, who comes across as a good-natured elder brother, has a stellar resume of accomplishments in the coffee industry, including a third-place finish in the 2019 World AeroPress Championship and a silver medal in the French Roasting Championship 2021. We’ve spoken to Alexis to find out a philosophy underpinning how he sees coffee and how he builds his team. To democratize specialty coffee Although France is famous for its gastronomic culture, good coffee was hard to find in the capital Paris. That surprise was a trigger for Alexis to found Kawa Coffee. The company consists of three main operations. These are wholesale for cafes and restaurants; retail on an online store and at a coffee shop as well as boutiques in Paris; and delivery service for offices. In its delivery business, Kawa Coffee leases coffee machines of De’Longhi and JURA to offices in Paris and other French cities, satiating its clients’ thirst for freshly roasted coffee every month. “We serve a wide spectrum of coffees, from casual to rare to high- and competition-level quality, all for an affordable price. We ban the use of capsule coffee. Delivery helps us reduce waste. So it’s environmentally friendly, too. We receive positive...

Kawa Coffee

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