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Kiss the Hippo Coffee was founded in 2018 in Richmond, London and it was the first coffee company in the industry to be certified as a carbon negative company by a third-party organization. Joshua Tarlo, who has been working in the industry for about twenty years, manages the coffee division of the company, which aims to create a more sustainable and fair coffee industry. We interviewed Joshua who has once won the UK Barista Championship.  Striving to be carbon negative instead of simply being carbon neutral The name of the company, Kiss the Hippo Coffee, might not ring a bell when you first hear it, but it hints at the founder Can Eren’s ambition to create an environmentally conscious coffee company. Josh states, “The name ‘Kiss the Hippo Coffee’ is a playful expression of the company’s respect for nature. We use the hippopotamus as a symbol of nature, but no one understands our intentions without us saying anything. But that’s also why I often explain it to my customers, and it’s a good conversation starter.” Kiss the Hippo Coffee engages in tree-planting activities in Nepal for the purpose of carbon offsetting. The company’s efforts to calculate the carbon footprint of its products, packaging, and transportation processes have been recognized and in 2021 a Swiss non-profit organization called ‘On A Mission’ awarded Kiss the Hippo Coffee with a carbon negative certification.  Joshua states, “Sustainability is the core spirit and aspiration of Kiss the Hippo Coffee. As we live in a world like this, it is clearly an important issue that we need to address.” “I don’t understand why other companies aren’t doing the same. We are...

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