LiLo Coffee Roasters

Amerika-mura (American Village) in the Minami district of Osaka is known as an origin of new trends. In this area, also a popular sightseeing spot for tourists from abroad, stands LiLo Coffee Roasters, operating a coffee stand and an authentic kissa-ten coffee house. Since its founding in 2014, Keita Nakamura, who now works as head roaster, has been cultivating the brand. Nakamura entered the world of coffee in his early 30’s after working various jobs with a dream to become a successful actor. Why is it that Nakamura, who made 10 career changes, has stayed in coffee for a long time? We spoke to him to find an answer by retracing his life path. Designing a people’s shop  Have you ever heard of the law of jam? It refers to the outcome of a psychological experiment. In the study, researchers put 6 types of jam and 24 types of jam at tasting areas of supermarkets. They found that people more often reached for samples when they saw 24 types of jam, but the purchase rate was actually higher when just 6 types were on offer. This experiment shed light on humans’ tendency to be confused by too many choices and thus avoid making a decision. Businesses have applied the finding to their marketing strategy. As if in total disregard for that theory, however, LiLo Coffee Roasters’ menu offers 24 kinds of coffee beans. Prices vary, of course. But they are all treated equally, with none of them receiving a promotional push more than others. “By making it harder to choose on purpose, we want to initiate a conversation with customers,” says Nakamura. “With improvements in...

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