After about a year and a half of careful preparation, MAN VERSUS MACHINE COFFEE ROASTERS (MVSM) was established in Munich in 2014. The company put importance to be an independent entity and has always prioritized quality over growth, which has paid off. They have been approached by Michelin-starred restaurants and bars at top-notch hotels that shows their success in the business. We speak with the co-founder Mr. Marco Mehrwald, who adds, “My experience in kendo is still alive in me.” The constant “struggle” between man and machine. MAN VERSUS MACHINE. It’s a straightforward name. You may think that the co-founder who came up with the company name would be an old-fashioned person, one who rejects anything mechanical and inorganic while sticking to a thoroughly analog approach. But this is not the case at all. Marco says, “I believe that there is a constant interaction happening between man and machine. For example, the process of a barista using a grinder and other machines all day long in the pursuit of perfect results is like “having a battle” between man and machine.” “It’s impossible to make good coffee without using the best machines, but using the best machines does not necessarily lead to good coffee. The machine must be handled by a person who knows it well.”  “So, to make good coffee, we should not take shortcuts, like choosing inexpensive machines to save costs. We should be appreciating the people we work with, because they are the ones who use the machines to brew coffee.” “With our company name, we wanted to emphasize that our coffee is not the same as that of an industrial roaster with...


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