Monks Coffee Roasters

Monks Coffee Roasters is a roastery that also operates a cafe in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. While the coffee shop strives to deliver high-quality products and service, it’s also committed to sustainability-oriented practices, including by shunning plastics and delivering products by electric bicycle. Monks Coffee was founded in August 2016 by Irishman Patrick Abbott after he lived in Australia for 25 years. Though he had to spend more than one and a half years to find a space to start his project, all the while, his belief in its eventual success never wavered. What was behind his confidence, and what is it that’s driving Patrick, now over 60 years old, to stay active at the forefront of the industry? To find out, we spoke to Patrick to get a glimpse into his life path. Heading in the right direction The Netherlands is set to ban single-use plastics at cafes, restaurants, and offices starting 2024. In this eco-friendly country, Amsterdam is leading the way. With a goal to realize a fully circular economy by 2050, the capital is setting an example for cities the world over. In Patrick’s eyes, however, change is not coming fast enough. And that shouldn’t come as a surprise, because Monks Coffee has managed to eliminate plastics since its foundation. Every material you find at Monks Coffee is compostable or recyclable, from paper straws to transparent cups made from sugar cane. Monks Coffee also gives away used coffee grounds to customers as garden fertilizer and facial scrubs in an effort to minimize waste.  All these practices don’t cost much, Patrick says. “Although we do pay a bit more than we would normally for...

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