Oasis Coffee Roaster

Taiwan, which has had a strong image of tea culture, has been gaining momentum in coffee culture in the past few years. In Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, there is one roaster who is trying to breathe new life into Taiwan’s coffee culture. Mr. Yu-ta Chu is the owner of Oasis Coffee Roasters which was established in 2018. We take a closer look at the three-year journey of Mr. Chu, who formerly worked in the film industry and later became fascinated by a cup of specialty coffee which brought him to running a popular cafe in Taipei.  Feeling in an oasis with an encounter of a cup of specialty coffee In the past few years, Taipei has seen a rapid increase in the number of coffee shops advertising that they roast their own coffee, and many high-quality roasters and cafes have emerged one after another, competing with each other. Oasis Coffee Roasters, a modern store that has been in business for three years, attracts the fashionable young people living in Taipei. Yu-ta states, “Taipei’s coffee culture environment is very similar to that of Japan with the presence of cafes and roasteries all over the city. To be selected by the customers, I am always conscious of differentiating ourselves from other stores by handling coffee beans that are rare in Taiwan. Not only that, but also I try to create a store where people can enjoy a special cup of coffee easily and learn more about coffee.” Before becoming a roaster, Yu-ta was involved in film production as a visual artist. It was an encounter with specialty coffee that made him enter a different industry....

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