Origin Coffee Roasters was founded in Cornwall, England, in 2004 and currently has three branches in London and Cornwall each. Origin Coffee Roasters has been a pioneer in the specialty coffee industry, and Ms. Freda Yuan, originally from Taiwan, is its Head of Coffee. We interviewed Freda, who has excellent cupping skills and is the backbone and the important figure at Origin Coffee Roasters, about the secret behind her success and her vision for the company. Cherishing this, the present moment Freda was the champion of UK Cup Tasters in 2017, 2018, and 2020 and gained third place in the World Cup Tasters 2017. Freda, with her solid track record in coffee cupping skills, was headhunted by Origin Coffee Roasters to become the Head of Coffee for their coffee department. Freda states, “My role is like a head chef in a restaurant. I’m involved in everything that goes into making a good cup of coffee, from buying green coffee, maintaining partnership with the coffee producers, cupping the coffee, checking the quality of the coffee served in the cafe, and training the baristas.” Origin Coffee Roasters is often looked at as an organization with a flexible approach to running its company. How has Freda gained so much trust? Freda states, “I am a spiritual person who incorporates meditation, yoga, and Zen into my daily life and, while at first glance it may not seem to have anything to do with coffee, there is actually a deep connection.” “Yoga is a practice that trains you to understand what you can do and to unify your mind. It’s important to accept your current state and face yourself patiently,...

Origin Coffee Roasters

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