Mr. Kasuya is the champion of the World Brewers Cup Championship 2016 and the video in the final that I saw on YouTube has stayed in my mind ever since. I couldn’t take my eyes off the performance as his emotion, “I am just enjoying coffee.” poured out of the screen. I thought to myself, “This is what coffee is all about.” After he became a champion, Mr. Kasuya and his business partner launched PHILOCOFFEA. Not only has he run the roastery, but he has an advisory contract with a company, which operates offering coffee service for the offices, and supervises coffees that are sold at convenience stores. He works on a scale in specialty coffee, which was previously unthinkable in the industry. I can feel his strong desire to change the coffee industry in Japan and he believes he can do it. We took the time to interview Mr. Kasuya again. Bringing Japan’s Coffee Culture to the World Mr. Kasuya states, “We recently opened a cross-border e-commerce website and what I want to communicate through the website is the art of Japanese pour-over coffee. Japan’s unique culture of dark roasting and flannel filter is very impressive from foreign perspectives. I believe that it is meaningful for a Japanese person who became the World Competition champion to do it.” “That’s why I am now focusing on dark roasting and pursuing this specialty coffee in particular. It is said that the darker you roast, the less the character of the coffee comes out. There are still a lot of unknowns, but I have found a way of roasting which keeps the character intact even in a...

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