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Among the many cafes dotting Minsheng street in the Songshan District, Taipei, is All Day Roasting Company, one of the so-called Big 7 high-profile Taipei cafes featured on a tourist website. Co-founded by CEO Austin Tsai and younger friends from college in 2014, All Day has expanded into roasting, while opening two specialty coffee shops “The Normal.” We have spoken to Austin to get his thoughts on coffee and the future of his company. A relaxing time, All Day long The name “All Day” reflects Austin’s wish to make a place where customers pop in for a leisurely coffee break, any time of the day, in the comfort of its space. From the industrial-style interior, which was back then a unique look for a Taiwanese cafe, to electrical sockets installed at each for-PC seat, All Day abounds with gimmicks designed to deliver a cozy time. Attracted by the wide-ranging menu of foods, some regular patrons stay at All Day for a full day of meals. Cafes bustling with customers is an all-too-familiar sight in Taipei on Saturday and Sunday. Quite a few outlets even limit stay to 90 to 120 minutes. All Day was one of them, but no more: At one point, it abolished the time limit. “It gets pretty crowded on Saturday and Sunday, with a line stretching outside. Put off by the long wait, some people go elsewhere. But we stick to the policy of never asking customers to leave. We did see our profit go down. But for a business to stay up and running for the long haul, it’s more important to earn customers’ trust. In fact, regular customers returned...

All Day Roasting Company

Mon〜Fri:9:00-19:00 Sat,Sun:8:30-18:00
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