Angelica Bertram


Established in 2019 in Berlin, Germany, Woolis imports specialty-grade green coffee (a cupping score of 84 and higher) from Mexico and delivers it to roasters in Germany and other European nations. Founder Angelica Bertram, a Mexican native who has lived in Germany for 29 years, started the company with a passion to introduce many people to products from her home country. She launched roasting brand “Madre Roasters” in 2020 to start selling coffee beans to general consumers. We spoke to Angelica to find out what her intentions are behind the company name “Woolis,” the Mayan word for “circle” and “connection.”  Precious connection Woolis sources green coffee from small-scale farmers and cooperatives in six regions in Mexico, such as Chiapas and Oaxaca. The company’s website features detailed information and stories about its partner producers. This reflects Angelica’s desire to have genuine interactions with coffee producers and share their coffee with roasters. “My principle as a green coffee buyer is to not make any empty promises regarding payment and to have open communication. I make a point of giving farmers feedback on their coffee’s flavor notes when they send me samples. That’s because even winners of the Cup of Excellence don’t know the extraction ratio of beans and hot water or the appropriate water temperature for drip coffee.” Woolis also plays the role of an advisor to coffee farmers. For instance, Angelica introduced a farmer whose sample coffee cupped at 78 to another farmer. That served as a breakthrough moment for the farmer struggling with processing. After the farmer put into practice what she learned from another farmer, her coffee’s quality drastically improved to a cupping score...

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