TYPICA was introduced in a Japanese news program “Super J Channel”, Asahi Television Broadcasting (ABC)

TYPICA was introduced in a Japanese news program “Super J Channel”, Asahi Television Broadcasting (ABC) news 6/4/2021, 17:27 – 17:32 

The news said TYPICA launched a distribution platform that makes it possible for coffee roasters to import the green coffee directly from coffee producers.

Japanese news program Super J Channel

Even though the market of coffee beans is growing steadily at 2% annually, since the international market is sluggish, it is difficult for coffee producers in Latin America or other countries to secure their stable incomes. In short, global demand for coffee is growing at a rate of 2% each year, but production is not keeping up.

There are two structural issues behind it.

(1) Due to climate change, the yields of the agricultural lands are decreasing.
(2) The price fluctuates depending on the production volumes. If the production volume rises, the price will fall, and even if the farmers improve the quality of their beans, it will not be reflected in the price.

Also, on the importer side, small and medium-sized roasters could not buy coffee beans as they wished because they could not order a lot of volumes to fill up a container. 

However, in order to solve these problems, TYPICA has launched a “distribution platform” where coffee roasters can buy beans directly from the producers. Small scale producers also easily sell their products and earn their incomes, being commensurate with the quality of the beans.

quality of the beans.

In addition, roasters will be able to purchase it from one bag (60 kg) regardless of the scale of their businesses, and they will be able to find the high quality beans based on their concept and their product lineups. 

Please look forward to the various lineups of coffee beans that reflect the thoughts of the coffee producers.

Publication date: 6/4/2021 (the date of broadcast: 6/4/2021, 17: 27-17: 32 )

Broadcast content: Asahi Broadcasting Super J Channel